Preoperative Instructions for Surgery with Sedation or Anesthesia

  • If your appointment for surgery is before noon you should have NOTHING AT ALL to eat or drink after midnight.  If your appointment is after noon, you should have nothing by mouth for 6 hours before surgery.  Water, coffee, juice or other drinks, gum, candy, mints or other food is NOT permitted before general anesthesia or sedation.  Surgery WILL BE rescheduled if these guidelines are not followed.
  • You MUST bring a mature reliable driver/escort with you the day of surgery.  Your driver/escort MUST be present IN the office while you are in surgery.  The surgery will take approximately 30-40 minutes and then they will be taken to the recovery room and given post op instructions.  If you do not have a driver/escort present, you appointment WILL BE RESCHEDULED.
  • ALL FACIAL JEWELRY MUST be removed prior to surgery.  Wear comfortable clothing, including a Short Sleeve Shirt.  No open back shoes please.

Many patients ask why we require that they have an empty stomach prior to general anesthesia or sedation.

  • One of the possible complications of general anesthesia or sedation is nausea and vomiting.  If either of these occurs during anesthesia, there is a significant risk of inhalation of the stomach contents.  This is called “aspiration.”  Aspiration can have a number of life-threatening consequences including pneumonia, laryngospasm (choking) and death.
  • Even tiny amounts of liquid or food in the stomach can be harmful when aspirated.
  • There are rare exceptions to the empty stomach rule.  A few patients must take medications prior to surgery to treat other illness.  The doctor will determine if these exceptions apply to you.
  • We strive to provide the safest possible environment for our patients.  This includes preventing complications from anesthesia.  That is why we require that patients have an empty stomach.

If you have any questions regarding your appointment or surgery, 

please call the office (Auburn Office Phone Number 207-514-7171 or 800-514-1756)